2017 workshops

Grabbing the Reader January 23-27. No matter how much time we spend writing our books, we need to grab the reader right away with our first pages, whether it be an agent, editor or potential customer. Do your first pages get the job done? Post your first two pages (500 words) and get honest, helpful, anonymous feedback from other WFWA members on whether they’ve been ‘grabbed’. In return, you’ll give the same to at least five other members who post their pages. 

The Hidden Novel March 6 -17 and May 1-13 Every manuscript has unexplored dimensions. In this workshop, you'll learn how to enrich your novel with extra character layers, changing relationships, dilemmas and plights, wonder, and the hidden current that pulls readers through a story even more strongly than plot.   

This is a master level, hands-on workshop with four writing assignments spread over two weeks. Presented by New York literary agent and teacher Donald Maass, author of Writing the Breakout Novel, Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook, The Fire in Fiction and Writing 21st Century Fiction.

See Registration Page for a description of criteria to participate in a master level class.

Note:  Registrations opens April 10 at 12pm (noon) Eastern, 9am Pacific. 

Prepare Your Pitch June 26–30 Based on the Grabbing the Reader Workshop, participants will prepare, critique and hone your pitches. A great opportunity to get feedback from other writers on your pitch in advance of the agent pitch day in July, or just a chance to keep honing your pitch writing skills. 

Registration Opens June 12

Agent Pitch Day July 12  Once a year for a full 24 hours, members can pitch one women’s fiction manuscript, and within one week, agents reply to the posts they would like to pursue with what they want to see.

This is a FREE, members-only event, but due to overwhelming popularity, the event is capped at 80 registrants. In the weeks prior to registration, participating agents’ information will be posted. 

Registration Opens June 20

October 16-20  Unravel the Mysteries of Finding your Hook, Critiquing, Querying and Synopsis; Registration TBA;  Cost: $45

*Title and dates subject to change.