STAR AWARD Eligibility

Contest Eligibility

Open to all authors of book-length women’s fiction (60k words or more). All work must have an ISBN, and have a copyright page with a copyright date in the calendar year 2017.

My book is available online as an ebook only. May I enter?
Yes. But for the STAR AWARD, all entries must be submitted as printed books.

I’ve self-published my book. Can I still enter?
Yes. Providing it has an ISBN and is available at retailers, either physical stores or online.

I’m published in another genre, but this is my first work of Women’s Fiction. Can I enter as a debut author?
No, sorry. The novel entered in this category must be a true debut – your first published in any genre. Novellas count as being published.

How do I determine if my manuscript fits the Women’s Fiction definition?
WFWA defines women’s fiction as “stories that are driven by the main character’s emotional journey.”

If, in other contests, your manuscript would best fit under another category such as Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller, New Adult, or Young Adult, it is not women’s fiction and, therefore, not eligible for the Star Award.