2017 WFWA Retreat


The 2017 WFWA retreat will be held September 20-24 in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town.


The WFWA Retreat is a craft and networking event, an opportunity to talk about women’s fiction, exchange ideas, commiserate over the headaches and heartaches, and celebrate the joys and successes. It’s a relaxed weekend for connecting with like-minded writers.

There will be discussion groups for sharing ideas. Discussion groups are facilitated by retreat attendees... we’re there to share experiences, questions, ideas.

And, of course, writing. After all, what’s a retreat without some quality writing time? You’ll have opportunities to apply what you’ve learned, whether you choose to write in your room, in a cozy nook around the hotel, on the patio (or Writer’s Row as it was dubbed), or in the designated writing room with fellow WFWAers.


  •        Laptop and charger if you plan to write.
  •        A sweater or wrap. Meeting rooms can get chilly.
  •        Credit cards/money for lunches and any souvenirs you find in Old Town.


You won’t need fancy clothes for this event. We’ll be learning, writing, talking—you’ll want to be comfortable. Jeans, khakis, even sweats or yoga pants are fine. Although keep in mind that we’re not the only guests in the hotel, so jammies may not be the most appropriate comfy-writing-clothes choice, unless, of course, you’re writing in your room.

Bring comfortable shoes, especially if you’re planning on a walk to Old Town.

Feel free to bring something a bit more festive for the Friday awards dinner, but it’s not a formal or semi-formal or wanna-be-formal event.


There is a private Facebook group for each WFWA retreat. It’s it a great place to find a roommate, connect with others for sharing rides to and from the hotel, and build the anticipation.  


Click here to book a room at the hotel. Click here for information about transportation from the airport to the hotel. 


Register here


Cancel prior to April 15: full refund less $50 cancellation fee

Cancel between April 16 – July 1: 50% registration funded plus the $50 cancellation fee

Note: Registration will be capped at 80 in order to ensure a more intimate retreat atmosphere.

No refunds after July 1st


If you have questions or recommendations, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 


Orly Konig-Lopez, WFWA president and retreat chair